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COLA - Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere studies in Maryland,USA. These computer model charts show forecasts out to 144hrs.

Vertical Velocity and Precipitation and Sea Level Pressure and 1000-500mb Thickness can be cross correlated to show the same as MSLP. These charts show a closer map of Japan.

Broadly, the 540 line represents the line which is the watershed between rain and snow. Any precipitation above or behind the 540 line should fall as snow.Moisture below or in front of the 540 line will precipitate as rain. For snow in Hirafu village, look for the 528 line to be below Hirafu.

MSLP ( Mean Surface Pressure, Thickness and Precipitation) are generally the easiest charts from which you can judge snowfall. These charts combine precipitation and the 5400 line but are not as precise as the above charts.
Yahoo Weather for Niseko-Hirafu. This forecast is in Japanese but is easy to understand and accurate for hour to hour changes throughout the day
Yahoo Weather - 3 and 4 day forecasts for Niseko-Hirafu  with freeze level graphics.
Accumulated snowfall graphs for various time intervals
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